Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Slim Down

The last month of junior year was pretty rough for me. And with stress came binge eating and no physical activity whatsoever! How convenient is a ten pound weight gain when that stupid bikini comes beckoning once again? Not very! So I welcome any of you in the same position to join me in a little summer slim down! Whether it’s five, ten or fifteen pounds you want to lose, these little tricks will work for everybody. They have already got me back on track and I’ve lost three pounds in the last week and a half.

1. Go for the goal(d)- Set a goal for yourself other than losing weight. I recently signed up for a half marathon, which is ironic since it was only a year ago that I struggled running two miles! This weekend I ran ten for the first time and I have never felt better.

2. Pack a snack- You should be snacking all day to keep your metabolism going. But it only works if you have the right snacks and they are always on hand. I keep always keep an apple and little baggies of almonds and cranberries in my purse so I never get famished or reach for something unhealthy. You can stay healthy and save money by packing a lunch for work rather than eating out every day.

3. Booze and you lose- We tend to disregard alcohol as part of our caloric intake but happy hour might be to blame for not being able to drop those last few lbs. Think of it as a treat, so it’s the cookie OR the cocktails- not both!

4. 2-4-6-8 HYDRATE- Being in the sun all day will dehydrate you which is often confused with hunger. Be sure you’re getting plenty of water. Carry a water bottle in your purse and for every alcoholic beverage order a water with it. Try drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry and wait 20 minutes, you might find that you were just dehydrated saving you hundreds of unneeded calories.

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