Monday, February 8, 2010

A little Mama Motivation

For those of you who know my mother, you know she’s built like a brick house. But those pipes weren’t God given. She works hard and there’s no one like Mom to light a fire under my increasingly voluptuous bum! Mama graciously signed me up for the 2010 Twin Cities (half) marathon. While I participated last year I fear my training and motivation has declined as steadily as my training and motivation to enter the workforce in 3 months. To my fellow bus riding, gym absent, late night munchie eating, beer pounding peers out there, I encourage you to set a goal for yourself that you cannot back out on. (Hey, if I’m going down I’m bringing you with me!) If the pure and simple joy of feeling great, being healthy and having bountiful amounts of energy doesn’t get you going, the fact that SPRING BREAK IS 5 WEEKS AWAY WILL! Hello people, bikini season, think about it!

Call me cliché but it’s true; eat less (junk food, that is) and move more. Don’t drastically cut calories or skip meals because you will end up throwing your metabolism off balance. Eating every 2-3 hours maintains your glucose levels from spiking and dipping which cause hunger bangs that lead to over consumption.

Fill up on water. A lot of times hunger is confused with dehydration and we end up consuming unnecessary calories. Water is not only essential for maintaining basic bodily functions but it can fill you up so you don’t feel like your eating less than usual.

Finally, do some form of physical activity, 30-60 mins, 4-5 days a week is recommended for weight loss/maintenance. I go through spurts where I would rather rip my toenails out one by one than go to the gym. SOOOO, find something that gets you going that doesn’t involve 45 mins of agonizing pounding on a treadmill (see previous posts for ideas ;) )

If you relish in self-induced torture like I do, here are some links for upcoming half marathons:

Twin Cities: June 6 (Pleasssssse join me, I’d love ya foreverrrrr!!!)


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