Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Miso Soup Project

If college offered a Major in competitive eating, I would have a 4.0. In an effort to slow down my super-sonic speed eating habit I have decided to test out The Miso Soup Project. My mom actually suggested this one to me. Since Miso soup is low cal and low carb it’s a great way to fill up on mostly water and stave off a man-sized hunger so you can eat like a classy lady should. So far it has been very effective. I have a bowl of soup, wait 20 minutes then have my meal. It gives my slow processing brain time to realize I’m full so I don’t overeat (a chronic problem of mine, check out my post Confessions of a Binge Eater). I have tried soooo many things to solve this issue, I even talked to a Doc about it! He said it is a psychological thing and I need to re-train my brain to slow down and banish my lifelong membership to the CPC (clean plate club). I blame it on those 20 minute speed lunches we had in lower school, I hardly had time to get my food (much less eat it) before we had to go! My rents weren’t too bad about finishing everything on my plate but I just feel bad when I waste food, I’m trying the ingenious trick of taking less food to being with....

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