Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The End of Overeating

Ever hear yourself saying “sure, I could make this at home, but it just tastes better at a restaurant!” Unfortunately this isn’t just your mind playing tricks on you, it actually does taste better. The food industry has spent millions of dollars in research to figure out how to make us eat and not stop. David Kessler breaks the silence in his book The End of Overeating. He explains how the combination of sugar, fat and salt make food completely irresistible. He also explains how restaurants have taken this formula and layer every item of food multiple times with these three ingredients in order to keep us coming back for more. Meanwhile, our waistlines, blood pressure, and overall health are paying the price.

Our food is so heavily processed that the food industry has to increase the level of chemicals, artificial flavors and harmful processing techniques to keep us satisfied. Food that is in its original form is now tasteless and unsatisfying due to this conditioning and high expectation of flavor, via sugar, fat and salt. To make matters worse the food industry has found that “by eliminating the need to chew, modern food processing techniques allow us to eat faster,” according to Kessler. So now our food is being chopped up made soft in order for us to have the ability to wolf it down faster than we our brains can process.

I’m only halfway through the book (I blame the delay on midterms) but so far it has been so eye opening, I just had to share it with you asap! I’ll post Kessler’s suggestions to overcome these obstacles and find your way to The End of Overeating!!

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