Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a Few of my Favorite Things

Ms. Poppins could’tve have said it better herself! Now these are just a few of my favorite things that keep me on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Pedometer- I bought one these the other day for under $10 and it’s my new fav gadget! I clip it on in the morning and it calculates how many steps I take throughout the day. I keep track on a calendar and it has been my own little personal challenge to get more steps from one day to the next. I take the stairs more, walk to class everyday and it all adds up!

Calorie counter-If you are ever curious how many calories is in a certain food this website: tells you exactly how many calories is in thousands of different food items, even down to the different ways it can be prepared. It also tracks your daily calorie, protein, carb and fat intake along with your exercise and how long it will take you to reach your fitness and/or nutrition goals!

SPIbelt- Attention all runners, this thing is amaaazing! It’s basically a tiny fanny pack that stretch to fit your cell phone, keys, GU, ID, whatever you need and it doesn’t weigh you down!

Eat this, not that- I literally carried this book in my purse like a bible for the last two years! There are several versions now, the two I really like are the original and the supermarket version.

iPhone apps- For all of you iPhoner’s out there check out these new apps:

1. Lose it (free)- you can enter your daily food intake and exercise info and this app will tell you the date you will reach your goal weight.

2. iSteps ($2.99)- this turns your phone into a pedometer which calculates the distance you cover walking in one day.

3. Nutrition Menu Calorie Counter ($2.99)- This app gives the nutritional facts at 337 U.S and Canadian restaurants.

4. Dietician ($9.99)- This app tracks your calorie intake and create meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists for you.

5. Fitness Builder (19.99)- This app actually allows you to choose from over 400 different workouts that come with videos.

EnviroSax- This nifty environmentally friendly bag has come in handy everywhere! The best thing about it is it rolls up to the size of my palm so it fits easily in my purse but it can hold soooo much stuff! They come in many different colors and cute patterns. Mine is pink with flying pigs J Get yours today at

Nike+ Shoe & Sensor System- This was so handy when I was training for my half marathon. There is a little chip in the bottom of one of the those and a connector piece that goes into your iPod. It then tracks and keeps record of miles, calories burned, pace and time it took.

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