Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slim down secrets for TONIGHT!

So you just got a new sexy little dress that you desperately want to wear tonight. Unfortunately you’re resembling something a little closer to Rosanne Barr wrapped in saran wrap then Jessica Alba in Sin City. While I can’t promise that your fellow bar goers will mistake you for the Mrs. Cash Warren, I can suggest some helpful hints:

1. Shapewear- I absolutely love my shapewear. Some nights especially on a Saturday after an already long weekend of drinking, eating and lame workouts it just gives me that extra boost of confidence and helps me suck it in one more night! Spanx offers a great variety but are on the pricier side. Shapewear also sells a wide variety with varying prices.

2) Wear Black- Black is slimming, whether its tights under a wavy dress, black skinny pants or a sexy black top with a dark wash jean, it’s bound to shed pounds immediately.

3) Bloat blockers- Don’t drink anything with carbonation; the bubbles create gas and make you look bloated. Have asparagus with dinner. The low-cal, fat-free veggie is filled with fiber that will satisfy you through those midnight munchies and also help to reduce water weight.

4) Slip on the big girl shoes- Add height to your frame by wearing heels. Stilettos make your legs look longer and leaner and help to put your body look flattering and proportionate.

5) Cinch that waist- use a small belt to accentuate the smallest part of your waist (between your hips and your chest). Umpire waist dresses are also very flattering.

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