Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Spring Break Slim Down: Cardio

Many people think they can't get a decent cardio workout at home but I'm here to show you that's not true! Cardiovascular exercise is a crucial part of weight loss and weight management. If you are like many of my friends and you hate to run, here are some easy and fun alternatives you can do right in front of your T.V!

1. Stairs- Step up on the first step and then back down. Then step up to the first and then the second stair and step back down to the first stair. Step from the second to the third and back down to the second and so on to the top of the stairs and then go all the way back down. Repeat this three times. This should be very quick.

2. Mountain climbers- Start in the push up position on the floor with hands shoulder width apart. Bring your knees up one at a time into your chest. The faster you go the more you’ll burn so go as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this three times.

3. Jumping jacks- Do five normal and one the fifth one jump up as high as you can. Do this 25-30 times.

4. Invisible jump rope- Use your arms as if you are holding a jump rope and do 50-60 small jumps in place.

5. Squat jumps- Start in the squat position and reach with your arms jumping as high as you can and coming back down into the squat position.

6. Lunge jumps- Start in the lunge position with your right foot forward and in one motion jump and switch legs so when you land you are in the lunge position with your left foot forward. Keep arms out with fingers locked in front of you for balance.

7. High kicks- Stand shoulder width apart, knees bent and arms up in boxer position at chin height. Swivel your left foot to the right and kick as high as you can twisting your torso and keeping your foot flexed. Repeat for the other leg. Do this quickly but properly until winded. (This is fun to do listening to an up-beat song kicking along to the fast beat!)

**If you want to just get your blood pumping or don’t want to get really sweaty before class simply go for a brisk walk. You should always use the opportunity to walk every chance you get, so never take the bus to class. (Walking everywhere is what many New Yorkers swear by to stay slim)

** Another great idea is to buy a workout DVD. Sometime you need someone telling you what to do for motivation and encouragement.

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