Monday, July 13, 2009

Nutrition Myths: Fict or Fact?

Why deos it seem like women are so much more self-concious about their bodies than men? Maybe men are too and they just aren't as vocal about it but so many women it seems will try anything that offers some promise of a short-cut or quick-fix to losing weight. Here are my top 5 diet myths and the truth (or lack-there-of) behind them:

1. How much you sweat is equivalent to how much fat you burn.

FALSE! Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself down. You’re body maintains its temperature independently of how many calories you are burning.

2. Lifting weights will make me look like the Hulk.

FALSE! A woman’s genetic makeup does not allow our muscles to bulk up like men without the help of muscle enhancing drugs. Weight training will only make you look leaner and help you body burn more calories.

3. Colon cleanses and body detoxes flush out waste and weight.

FALSE! The claim is that these products flush out food that has built up in the colon over the years. First of all, EW! Second of all, our bodies do that naturally, it’s not like that cheeseburger you ate 4 years ago is still sitting there! Common. If you want to detox help your body do it naturally by eating more fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients that assist the body in waste deposit. These cleanses merely dehydrate you and flush out healthy bacteria from your system.

4. A high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet is a health way to lose weight.

TRUE! Most people (women especially) do not get the recommended amount of protein in their diet. This would explain why women eat so much, all the time…protein helps fill you up and helps relieve cravings for bad food. I’ve been over the carb discussion many times but just a reminder, cutting out white starches will dramatically improve your waistline.

5. Certain foods can burn fat and increase your metabolism.

FALSE! (for the most part) Some natural substances like cayenne peppers and caffeine can do these things but to such a miniscule degree that it really makes no significant difference. Caffeine also has adverse effects, namely the crash that leaves you famished, exhausted and typically encourages you to make poor food choices.

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