Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to Chocaholics Anonyms

Hi, my name is Jessi, and I am a chocaholic. I eat, crave and think about chocolate almost on a daily basis and have become dependent on it in times of anger, sadness and PMS. If you suffer from chocaholism as well, today is your lucky day. I have found the key to satisfying your sweet tooth without devouring an entire box of chewy chips ahoy (which I have done, on many occasions, those were sad times).

1. Dark Chocolate- Ok, this one took a while to warm up to but trust me when I say, it satisfies your chocolate craving on way less. I have a bar of Lidnt 85% coca in my freezer and when that familiar craving hits like a ton of brinks, I pop one little square of this chocolaty goodness in my mouth, wash it down with a small glass of skim milk and ahhh, bliss.

2. Chocolate pudding- The best thing to do is to make it yourself using skim milk and a low sugar pudding mix. But most of us don’t have the time or (more importantly) the patience for that, enter THE SNACK PACK! Jell-O makes a no sugar chocolate pudding with only 60 calories, and even better, they come a convenient small serving size so it’s not easy to over indulge. I like to add a few almonds to get the sweet/salty mix :)

3. Whey Protein shake- I found this protein powder called Women’s Whey Protein that is low carb and low sugar. I mix it with the either skim milk, light soy milk, water or a mixture of these and it completely satisfies me and fills me up, an added bonus!

4. Go for the gold- If you have been working out and eating healthy consistently I say go for it sister! If you can maintain self control and keep your portion size decent, have whatever you want. Deprivation is the number one reason diets don’t work. As long as you only splurge occasionally, a piece of chocolate cake won’t kill you.

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  1. I LOVE Lindt's so rich and satisfies my chocolate cravings instantly! My co-worker gave me her bar after trying it and saying it tasted like "dirt." Silly girl!


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