Friday, July 3, 2009

Surviving the Urge to Splurge on the 4th

It’s that time of year, when the sun is hot, the lake is cool and friends and family gather to celebrate the independence of our EATING OUR FACES OFF! The fourth of July is notorious for its endless smorgasbord of burgers, hot dogs, potato chips and potato salad washed down with a chugging contest from the bottomless keg. Come Monday the “hangover” will have two meanings as your belly “hangs over” your jeans! Rather than letting it all go this weekend, follow these simple rules and you won’t be paying the price next week.

Rule 1- Don’t touch the potato salad. Don’t even look at it. It isn’t even that good if you really think about it, not to mention it is the worst thing on the picnic table. This pile of yellow goo can set you back almost 400 calories per spoonful! The full-fat mayo, cheese, bacon and starchy potatoes are a skinny girl’s worst nightmare.

Rule 2- Sugar isn’t any sweeter when it’s all dolled up in red, white and blue. You might as well dump the entire bag of sugar in your mouth and wash it down with mountain dew than drink the fruit punch or eat the jell-o with marshmallow desert.

Rule 3- You know you’re an American when you have a hot dog in one hand and a burger in the other. If you must fit in with the crowd you can purchase your own vegan burgers and dogs at the grocery store (my favorite are made by Morningstar Farms) and also forgo the bun. Try and incorporate some veggies and fruits in the mix rather than building a chip tower on your plate like in years past.

Rule 4- Be a grazer. You don’t need to eat three gigantic meals in one sitting. Trust me, the food isn’t going anywhere! If you eat a little bit here and there throughout the day you won’t get those nasty cravings for the “good stuff” making the aforementioned rules a piece-of-cake (sorry, bad pun to use huh?)

Rule 5- Sip, don’t chug. Don’t be that girl (or guy) that is the drunkest mess at the party. I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy my cocktails but be wise. Use soda with a splash of juice to decrease your sugar intake and go with clear liquor and light beer.

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