Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big FAT Truth About Soda Pop

If you are looking to drop a few extra lbs with no effort at all, try kicking your three can-a-day diet coke habit. People assume that drinking diet coke means they are saving calories, because it says diet, right? The truth is soda pop has been discovered as one the leading culprits for Americas’ extreme increase in weight gain and obesity. Not only does soda contain harsh chemicals that can burn holes in your esophagus and deteriorate the enamel off your teeth, it actually makes you hungrier.

Sodas are full of empty calories and sugar. The sugar and artificial sweetener causes a spike in energy then sends you crashing, leaving you more fatigued and more famished than before. Aspertame, one of the leading chemicals in soda pop is often disguised under the name nutrasweet. This chemical “has been linked by many case studies to convulsions, depression, insomnia, irritability, weakness, dizziness, headaches, mood changes, memory losses, and damage to the optic nerve,” according to

“Fructose, a primary ingredient in many sodas, cannot be broken down into useful energy. For this reason it is stored directly as fat – regardless of the “diet” labels. If fact, Yuschek points out that fructose is found most commonly in diet sodas and adds that some experts would argue that diet soft drinks are more dangerous than regular-calorie sodas, as a direct result of their ingredients.” (

Still not convinced? Here are some facts that will surely make up your mind:
1. Did you know that the phosphoric acid (the main ingredient) in soda can dissolve a nail in as little as four days? This can contribute to osteoporosis.
2. Did you know that the trucks carrying soda syrup concentrate have to use the “hazardous material” place cards reserved for highly corrosive materials?
3. Did you know that if you put a T-bone stead in a bowl of coca-cola and let it sit, it will disintegrate within two days?

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