Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real Happy Meals- Healthy Dinner Options in 10 mins or less!

No more excuses! Someone started a crazy rumor that you have to be a fabulous cook with all the time in the world to cook healthy meals. It's so much easier to just pop a pizza in the oven or boil some pasta, right? WRONG! Here are a few dinner options that I make regularly that I can whip up in the microwave or stove in no time!

1. Salmon a la cheesy brocoli and brown rice: I buy frozen salmon fillet that can be cooked in the microwave or on the stove in about 10 minutes. I add brown rice (also comes in a microwave bag) and broccoli. Salmon is one of the best things to eat for dinner because it is low in carbs and they are full of omega-3s. Brown rice is full of vitamins, fiber and iron, it is also very filling. Broccoli is one of the best veggies to eat because it’s packed with most essential nutrients. I sprinkle veggie cheese on top for flavor.

2. The Tofu Scramble- You can buy packages of tofu at your grocery store that are ready to eat. A serving of quinoa which you can make in bulk in the begining of the week and refridgerate it for those "I don't have any time" situations. And never forget your veggies, asparagus and half of a sweet potato. I sprinkle sugar-free syrup and a dash of cinnamon on the sweet potato for extra flavor. I also sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon on the asparagus. Sweet potatoes are anti-oxidant rich and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Tofu is a great source of soy protein and asparagus is a great green veggie. The benefits of quinoa are countless but its high fiber content is one of its best attributes. Cinnamon is also shown to regulate blood sugar.

3. The Veggie and Turkey Omlet- Mix one egg and two egg whites in a pan. Cut up green/red peppers, spinach, turkey, tomatoes and onions and put them into the pan. When it is cooked through you can fold it over and wah- lah, the perfect omlet. An orange for dessert satisfies your sweet tooth and gives you an extra boost of Vitamin C while fulfilling your daily requirements of fruits and veggies!

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